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Susan and Paul Bloom’s passion for animals is immediately apparent to anyone visiting their residence in Northfield Township, Michigan; cats, a dog, horses, a goat, sheep, and donkeys all call the property their home. But, the Blooms’ bond with animals has affected more than just their own lives and the lives of their own animals; it also has impacted the lives of the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine community.

The Blooms met as undergraduates at MSU, and ever since Paul graduated with his DVM in 1976, they have maintained a close relationship with the community. In addition to hosting the College’s students for their dermatology rotation at Paul’s Allergy, Skin, and Ear Clinic for Pets in Livonia, Michigan, the Blooms also provide financial support to humans and animals alike.
After establishing a scholarship fund for students in memory of Paul’s mother, Frances Fisher, the Blooms wanted to continue to show their love of animals in a more direct way. They turned to the MSU Veterinary Medical Center to help support clients who may be in financial need.

Previously, the Hospital had funds to help treat small companion animals, but no funds for large animals. With their diverse family of outdoor animals, the Blooms understood that the connection between owners and their animals has nothing to do with size. To help remedy this, they established The Bloom Fund to support the care of large companion animals.

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Dr. Bloom is a veterinary dermatologist and only treats skin disease (including ears) and allergies. Therefore, if you were referred by your veterinarian, they will continue to provide comprehensive veterinary care. However, a referral is not necessary in order for your pet to be seen by Dr. Bloom.

The new dermatology consult/exam can be quite extensive, so plan on spending about 3 hours in the clinic the first time. Dr. Bloom is our dermatologist. He is double board certified. Dr. Bloom is available for appointments Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, select Fridays, and select Saturdays. Once you make the appointment, we call the veterinarians you and your pet have visited to get the complete medical history faxed to us.

The day of your appointment, Dr. Bloom will thoroughly review your pet's record to see when the issues first started, what the symptoms were and how things have been treated in the past and what the outcomes have been. Dr. Bloom will then perform a complete dermatological and otic exam and then discuss what issues may be affecting your pet, how they might be diagnosed and what treatment he recommends. Please see our Payment Options to help you plan for your visit.

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